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  • Dating Format:

Unless there is a large discrepancy between O.A. (on-air) and recording dates, videos are usually posted by their respective O.A. dates.  We try to post concerts by their recording dates.

File Host

Approximately 97% of our files are now hosted on Multiupload, which distributes files to popular file hosting servers.  Please do NOT request other servers.

EJ Exclusive Files

Because of the extra effort required to acquire, upload, and/or create the following files, the downloads listed below are available ONLY to forum members:

  • Full Shows
  • Full Segments
  • HDTV
  • Fansubs
  • Scanlations
  • Multi-part files
  • Password-protected files


We try to credit all our sources, however, some of our files are missing their creditors.  If you are the original source provider for a particular file and would like to be credited as such, please feel free to notify us.


Files tagged in the Unknowns category are missing classification data, such as the date or program title.  We would greatly appreciate your help in identifying these videos!


  • Please remember to rate and/or comment whenever you download a file!
  • Files/links shared on the main site may be redistributed on other sites with proper credits.
  • EJ Exclusive links should NOT be redistributed without our permission (i.e., HOTLINK).  Unless otherwise stated inside a post, files may be redistributed provided that (1) they are reuploaded to other file hosting servers and (2) sources are credited appropriately. Violators will be BANNED.
  • The main site will NOT provide downloads to any of Yuna’s official releases.