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Welcome to Yuna Ito ONLINE, your most comprehensive Yuna Ito English fansite! We aim to provide you with the latest news, images, and media about Yuna. This site is part of the Yuna Ito Network.

Then called Endless Story, the site started out as a small, yet successful Yuna shrine in late 2005 by Lisa, the host of However, after a period of inactivity in early-mid 2006, Lisa decided that it would be best to pass the site on to someone else so that she could focus more time on managing Consequently, she transferred the site over to Mara (former webmistress of UNITE!), who had offered to take on the responsibilities.

Mara updated the site through the end of 2006 until harunoyukino joined the team to perform a complete revamp in mid-2007.   The site was renamed to its current (and hopefully final) state: Yuna Ito ONLINE.

After a long hiatus in 2009, Yuna Ito ONLINE took a bold step forward by finally becoming independent under Project UNITE led by harunoyukino.  Along with the new domain came a whole new team who would take the site to the next level…


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