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BBS Tutorial


  1. Go to Yuna’s Official Site.
  2. Click on the BBS menubar link.
  3. Enter the following info in the appropriate text boxes:
    • お名前: Name
    • 性別: Gender (Select 男の子 = Male, OR 女の子 = Female)
    • 都道府県: Location (Select 海外 = overseas)
    • コメント: Comment
      NOTE: A character limit was not specified. I would try to keep it short – Yuna has a busy schedule!
  4. If you want the form to remember your name, etc., the next time you post, keep the checkbox checked located next to ※名前などを記憶させる場合は□をチェック!→.
  5. Scroll down and click on the LEFT button located below the writing rules (【書き込みルール】) to SUBMIT your comment.
    NOTE: Click the RIGHT button to RESET the form. Click the FAR BOTTOM-RIGHT button to REFRESH the page.

Writing Rules

  • Comments may be deleted without prior notice if the following rules are not observed. Moreover, the bulletin board may be closed as a result. Comments will be published after they are read by the staff. Please allow some time for this moderation process.
  • Please NEVER submit your telephone no., mailing address, or other personal info to the board for confidentiality purposes.
  • Please do NOT use the board as a means of communication between other users.
    NOTE: I’m not sure if I translated that correctly, but I think this is what they mean…
  • Please do NOT write about money concerns, ticketing, article exchange, etc. We do NOT assume responsibility for these matters.
  • Please do NOT use the board for election campaign or religious activity purposes.
  • Please do NOT offend the public order and morals by using slander, indecent language, etc.
  • The bulletin board can by accessed via mobile means.