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Yuna’s Comeback?!


Billionaire arts and entertainment philanthropist Dr. Frank Cintamani graces Yuna's hand with a kiss from the runway at Men's Fashion Week 2012. Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center, Singapore. 20 Apr 2012. Creds: SUPERADRIANME.

I emerge from the depths of the abyss to present some BREAKING Yuna news! Here is the transcription of an article that was recently published in the weekly fashion pull-out URBAN from THE STRAITS TIMES, Singapore’s best-selling English language newspaper. Thumbs up if you’re hyped up about Yuna’s comeback! UNITE FOR YUNA!

Yuna opens up about life after Love
by Kenneth Goh
20 Apr 2012

Who: Yuna Ito, 28, an American J-pop singer best-known for her breakout role as a glamorous rock singer in hit manga-inspired movie Nana (2005). Her debut single Endless Story – which was the movie’s theme song – took the No. 2 spot on Japan’s Oricon chart and shifted an impressive 471,000 copies. Ito also reprised her role in Nana 2 a year later.

The Los Angeles-born artiste’s first album, Heart, topped Japan’s Oricon charts in 2007, sparking comparisons with fellow J-pop chart-topper Ayumi Hamasaki.

Ito, who has a Japanese-American father and Korean-American mother, has since released three other albums and 15 singles. In 2008, she recorded a duet, A World To Believe In, with pop diva Celine Dion.

Ito, who is fluent in English as well as Japanese, will perform tonight at a fashion show for Japanese brand Factotum as part of this year’s Men’s Fashion Week at Marina Bay Sands. She will sing hits from her seven-year-long singing career in a 15-minute showcase at the end of the runway show.

Your last album, Love, was released in 2010. What have you been busy with lately?
For the past year, I have been spending most of my time taking lessons. Besides acting lessons, I have been taking dance lessons such as salsa, ballet, jazz and burlesque. I think my career moved too fast. That’s why I am taking time now to rediscover myself.

How do you feel about primarily being known for tunes that have been used as theme songs for movies, dramas and anime?
Honoured and thankful. It shows that these directors like my work. I do not think that these elements have overshadowed my songs. Whenever I release a song, it is up to listeners to define if they see it as my song or tunes from a show. The key thing is that listeners enjoy my songs.

You are working on another album. What can you share about it?
There will be love ballads. Ballads will always be my first love as I grew up listening to singers such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion. Currently, I am listening to R&B songs by older singers such as Anita Baker and Luther Vandross. So I hope to inject some of their styles in my new songs. I am also open to recording Korean pop songs. I am fluent in the language, having learnt it from my mum.

How would you describe your fashion style?
I am more of a T-shirt and jeans kind of girl, so my style is ladiback and low-key. However, when I am up on stage singing, I like to be all dressed up, with make-up and in heels. I especially like wearing dresses when I am belting love ballads, as it makes me feel more feminine, so I can bring out the emotions better. I like figure-hugging dresses that have a cute-sexy style. For fashion inspiration, I look to Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz as she makes casual outfits look so good.

Creds: KarenPang @ AHSutenachan @ JPCMegami no Hikari + SUPERADRIANME
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  1. I Luv Yuna says:

    I miss her so much! Whatever path she takes I will support her!

  2. miss you so much verry much…I want to go Japan to see herrrrrrrrr

  3. i miss her too ~ =D

  4. Huicheese says:

    i need her voice. D: badly. D:

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