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2nd Quarter Summary 2010 & Farewell (Kinda, Sorta…)

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Summer Window Shopping. Totemo atsui desu! Time to break out those swimsuits, boys ‘n girls! Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. 02 Jul 2010. Creds: pluto.

We made it to the 2nd quarter of 2010! WOOT! WOOT! Time for some number crunching!

Past 90-Day Summary

  • Articles: 14 (5 Site News, 9 Yuna News)
  • Blog Translations: 21
  • Reviews: 2
  • Comments: 22 (excluding staff, trackbacks, pingbacks)
  • Total Visits: 7,823
  • Busiest Day: June 10th (343 hits)

Top 5 Referrers

  1. Twitter (274 hits)
  2. Kumonoito (156 hits)
  3. Forum (123 hits)
  4. Love Ayumi (108 hits)
  5. (93 hits)

Top 5 Posts

  1. UNITE SP: What’s in Yuna’s Bag? (275 hits)
  2. Sua × YUNA ITO Fashion Collaboration (267 hits)
  3. GISELe April 2010 (215 hits)
  4. DRIVE & LOVE Project: Campaign Song (159 hits)
  5. Sotsugyou no Uta (156 hits)

Top 5 Downloads (All-Time)

  1. Sabra SUPER EXTRA DVD (170 hits)
  2. Proactiv CM (Winter 2009) (96 hits)
  3. “This Is It” Premiere News Clip (92 hits)
  4. A Whole New World @ DISNEY CHANNEL MINNA STAR! SP (60 hits)
  5. Under the Sea @ DISNEY CHANNEL MINNA STAR! SP (58 hits)

Just out of curiosity, below are the download stats by country for the Sabra video. I have no comment on why this video is our topmost download…*ahem* lolz

O.L. Talk

Ratings & Comments
Fortunately, ratings and comments have increased since the last quarter. Thank you. More ratings than Please continue to rate and/or comment, esp. whenever downloading a file from the site.

Please take a couple minutes to review our download info page, most importantly, the N.B. section in RED at the bottom. Violators will be BANNED.

Chief Translator
Seirya is still requesting for a qualified individual to step up to the role of Chief Translator! Please contact us ASAP if you think you are eligible! We would more than greatly appreciate it.

Social Networks
In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been working hard trying to “spread our wings” out a bit into the various popular social networks (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal). Our profile pages are basically feeds of the content posted here on the main site, although you’ll get more up-to-the-minute, exclusive news flashes (with a few random rantings thrown in here and there – lolz) on our Twitter account. So, if you prefer one network vs another, you have a few flavors to choose from. We aim to meet your Yuna needs!

Btw, I have just installed a WP → LJ crossposting plugin which is supposed to automatically post our main site content to akemilove‘s yuna_ito LJ community. Hope it works because I’ve noticed that we get a fair number of referrals from there every time we post in the community.

If you haven’t submitted your fanbook entry yet, you have approximately 1 month left! We still need a Project Ambassador to get that fanbook to Honolulu! We would greatly appreciate everyone’s help in SPREADING THE WORD! Deadline: 8/1

Closing Remarks

So what’s this ‘Farewell’ bit in the title about?

Well, sadly, I must step down from “Webmistress Extraordinaire”.  A few days ago, I just started a rigorous 3-yr training program for full licensure in the profession that I have invested pretty much all my life in. Since it involves caring for the precious lives of people, I am obligated to focus all of my attention on my career from now on.

Therefore, as of the date of this posting, I am reverting my status to STANDBY and officially signing over all my powers to akemilove. On STANDBY, I will continue to provide behind-the-scenes staff assistance regarding site logistics, emergencies, etc. You may see me once in a blue moon posting an editorial or a random Tweet here or there, but I definitely cannot afford time for regular updates.

It’s been an awesome privilege being able to transform the site to what it is now. Please continue to look forward to more exciting things to come! I have confidence in the team which I have chosen. That said…adieu, my friends!

Twenty Four Seven
Lookin’ For Heaven
私が選んだ場所 / The place that I chose,
強くなりたいと思える場所 / The place I want to grow strong at,
泣い て笑ってThis is for my life… / I cry and laugh, This is for my life…

Coming Soon

As a parting gift, I have recruited a NEW member to the team. I’ll let her do the honors of introducing herself when she makes her first post here, which should be within 1 week! Her role is kinda experimental, but I promise that you will definitely love what she has to offer. We are hoping for a good response from the fans. You don’t wanna miss her debut! STAY TUNED!

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  1. Just discovered this site, and I’ve been browsing the entries. 🙂 Keep up the good work!!

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