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Request a Western Cover!


Yuna is opening a new section on her radio show, HEART TO HEART!  It is called 「洋楽カバーをやってほしい」, or Yougaku Kabaa wo Yatte Hoshii / I Want to Do a Western Cover (or something along those lines – lolz).  In short, she is welcoming requests for her to perform live covers of Western-style songs on her radio show.  (No, I don’t think they’re strictly referring to horses and cowboys, folks!  Although, feel free to request some country songs!)  Please submit your requests via the mail form on her radio show site.  Requests posted on her BBS do NOT count!

Although most – if not all – of us reading this do not have access to her radio show, it sounds like Yuna is interested in trying out various kinds of music.  Therefore, feel free to not only request a specific song, but also a particular style or genre you want her to explore outside of Pop/J-Pop.  I’m sure that Yuna will take the time to consider each request.

“So, how do I submit a request?” Simple as ichi, ni, san! Here comes another one of my fab tutorials!

  1. Click HERE (alternatively, go to Yuna’s HEART TO HEART official site and click on the Mail menubar link).
  2. Enter the following info in the appropriate fields:
    • ラジオネーム: Radio Name Username
      NOTE: If you cannot access Japanese radio stations, I would copy/paste 洋楽カバーをやってほしい into this field.  It should be OK…I think.^^; (Thanks, pluto, for the correction!)
    • 性別: Gender (Select 男子 = Male, OR 女子 = Female)
    • 年齢: Age (Select the appropriate age range from the dropdown menu)
    • E-mail
    • コメント: Comment
      NOTE: Type your Western cover request in this text box.  They also want you to explain WHY you chose that particular song.
  3. Click on the 送信 button to SUBMIT your request. Click on the リセット button if you need to RESET the form.

N.B.  Let me reiterate: Please do NOT post your requests on Yuna’s BBS! They specifically stated this on the official site.  And one more thing – don’t forget about Project ES!!  How can you ignore such an adorable face??

Let it Go

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  1. made a correction to ラジオネーム. technically, it translates to “Radio Name”, but, as pluto pointed out, it should mean “Username” in this context. hehe gomenasai!

  2. Megami no Hikari says:

    when will she cover the songs?

    • according to the staff blog, Yuna has started recording the covers since 7/4. they should be O.A. this wk. there is a really good chance that we’ll get access to HEART TO HEART recordings soon! STAY TUNED…*wink*

  3. do u know how we’d be able to hear the covers…cuz it’s not like a korean radio show that we can find easily on youtube….

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