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Review: Faith / Pureyes


Faith / Pureyes

2nd Single
Released: 01.03.2006
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1. Faith
2. Pureyes
3. Faith -Instrumental-
4. Pureyes -Instrumental-

If you think about it, releasing a second single is always difficult. If it flopped, you feel you have to do well the next time, and if it actually succeeded, you have an even greater obligation to do well –or should I say better?!– the second time. The big trouble is that most people demand a lot from a follow-up to a massive hit. In Yuna’s case, Faith / Pureyes was expected to match the huge success of ENDLESS STORY in terms of sales and quality. We all know that in the end it only sold around 56,000 copies. But to Yuna’s credits, I reckon that it was a fairly decent second single.

1. Faith ★★★★★

Faith is another ballad from Yuna. Yet, it is different from ENDLESS STORY on several aspects. Yuna shows she can produce a powerful ballad without a heavy musical backup. Indeed, there are few instruments used in Faith. You mainly hear a violin in the background aside from a few notes on the piano and on an acoustic guitar. The atmosphere is consequently more intimate than ENDLESS STORY. But Faith does not fail to deliver strong emotion, as it almost completely relies on Yuna’s beautiful voice. The song is slow, but Yuna’s vocals are both soft and powerful at the same time and simply seem to be enough to fill the space. Hearing her hit high notes with great delicacy during the sad chorus speaks for itself. You just need to let the song flow and touch you. Faith is sober, however, it manages to be magnificent in its own way nonetheless.

2. Pureyes ★★★☆☆

Pureyes has the favors of many fans. I admit I quite liked the song back in 2006. I even preferred it to Faith at first. But the thing that also bothered me at once has really annoyed me as time passed. The music sounds old, and I mean it already sounded old-fashioned in 2006. It mainly relies on a repetitive bass line with the special appearance of a piano from the 90’s, showcasing the fact that the rest of the music is simple and computerized. Yuna’s vocals fortunately bring a bit of life to the song as they fit well with the happy and carefree melody, and actually give it its consistency. Overall, even if I think the song would have deserved to make it on Yuna’s debut album, I do not consider it a memorable part of Yuna’s discography in the long run.

Overall Rating ★★★★☆

Faith / Pureyes deserves a bit more attention when looking at Yuna’s discography. It is balanced as both songs are good, and one song is sad and slow while the other is happy and not so slow. I still wonder why it was a double A-side single since Pureyes basically had no spotlight at all except for the Bioclen Zero CM. However, reflecting upon it now makes me conclude that it was actually a good thing. Pureyes is quite catchy yet far from perfect. It cannot compare to the beautiful and emotional Faith, which is still one of Yuna’s best ballads.

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