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Yuna’s Diet Struggle

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Not exactly “new” news but definitely something we haven’t discussed before.

Yuna revealed on the 12/21 broadcast of Gokigenyou her struggle with weight control.  She reported that she weighed approximately 70 kg (154 lbs) in her high school days.  By gradually reducing her meal portion sizes and avoiding carbs, she was able to lose weight and achieve her current (amazing) figure.  Even now, she continues to carefully watch her portion sizes and drinks plenty of water to maintain her weight and appearance.

So what do you guys think??  If you really scrutinize the pictures from debut to current, Yuna has gained a tiny bit of the weight back, but she’s definitely NOT fat!  FAR FROM IT.  I give her a big two thumbs up for her effort in maintaining her appearance, which requires an incredible amount of willpower.  Undoubtedly, appearance is nearly everything for a celebrity – as long as it doesn’t go to the extremes!  Yuna, please keep yourself happy & healthy no matter what!

Source: Techinsight Japan
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  1. Even if she didn’t lose weight, she would still be my idol. I idolize her not because of her figure (but of courseits the one that we see first) but because of her lovely voice. And her love for music. I don’t care about how she will look for the next years but what I care about is where she is staying at. Coz I want to meet her in the near of far future. 🙂 I love Yuna. Very much.


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